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11 May 2008 

Scientific Note: 


List of the Nocturnal Lepidoptera of §irvan 
with new faunal records to Siirt Province and Turkey 



Muhabbet Kemal Erdem Seven 

Within the field programs of the year 2008, the second author visited §irvan District in Siirt 
Province (East Turkey)^ on 28 April, 2008, in order to contribute to the provincial fauna of the 
Lepidoptera. Due to the heavy rain and storm in the province, number of the specimens collected is 
very limited. The materials were collected in [1] §irvan city (1000m) and [2] Madenkoy (1300m). 
Others belong to Ormanbagi (1070) in the §irvan District. 

In the following list, totally 47 species are given alphabetically under the related 10 families. 
New 8 faunal records to the Siirt Province are marked with #. Drepanopterula limaria (Chr.) is 
reported here as new to Turkey. As result of this total number of the Lepidopteran species recorded 
in §irvan District reached to 96. On the other hand, the provincial number is 251. 

The faunal field studies in the province have been continuing. 

Previous publications of the authors on this subject are as follows: 

(1) KemaljM. & E.Seven, 2008, List of the Recorded Butterflies in §irvan, Siirt and Eruh District in 6-8 
March 2008. [in] Kemal,M. & A.O.KoQak, First scientific trip to the South West Van Lake Region (6-8 
March,20o8). Cesa News 7: 14. 

(2) KemaljM. & E.Seven, 2008, Spring Aspect of the Diurnal Lepidoptera Fauna of §irvan District (Siirt 
Province) (South East Turkey), Cesa News 10: 1-14, 21 figs. 

(3) KemaljM., KoQak,A.O. & E. Seven, 2008, Spring Aspect of the Nocturnal Lepidoptera Fauna of 
§irvan District (Siirt Province) (South East Turkey). Cesa News 11: 1-6, 6 figs. 

The remote areas of the Eastern Turkey, including Siirt Province are currently extremely dangeous for the night studying, due to the terrorist 
activities. Our field surveys have been carrying out under these circumstances for years. For details visit the official Web Page of the Turkish General 
Staff (TGS) in Turkish: 

Nr. 13 


Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara 

11 May 2008 

List of the 47 species of the 10 Nocturnal Famihes 

Arctia (Eucharia) festiva (Hufnagel,l'766) {Arctiidae){2\ 


Cilix asiatica A.Bang-Haas,1907 (Drepanidae) 

Watsonalla binaria (Hufnagel,1767) {Drepanidae) 

Isophrictis anthemidella (Wocke,1871) (Gelechiidae) 

Drepanopterula limaria (Christoph,1885) 

(Geometridae) (3) New to Turkey! 

Eupithecia breviculata (Donzel,1837) {Geometridae) 

Eupithecia gratiosata Herrich-Schaffer,1861 


Eupithecia oblongata (Thunberg,1784) {Geometridae) 

Eupithecia schiefereri Dietze,1904 {Geometridae) 

Eupithecia spissilineata (Metzner,1846) {Geometridae) 

Idaea aversata (Linnaeus,1758) {Geometridae) [1] # 

Idaea filicata (Hubner,[17991) {Geometridae) 

Pseudopanthera syriacata (Guenee,1852) {Geometridae) 

Ocnerogyia amanda Staudinger,[18921 {Lymantriidae) 

Polymona lapidicola (Herrich-Schaffer,[1852]) 


Acontia titania (Esper,[1798]) {Noctuidae) 

Aedia funesta (Esper,1786) {Noctuidae) # 

Agrotis (s.str,) ipsilon (Hufnagel,1766) {Noctuidae) 

Agrotis (s.str,) segetum ([Denis & Schiffermuller],1775) 


Autographa gamma (Linnaeus,! 758) {Noctuidae) 

Bryophilopsis roederi (Standfuss,1892) {Noctuidae) 

Cleonymia (s.str.) baetica (Rambur,1837) {Noctuidae) 

Cleonymia (Serryvania) opposita (Lederer,1870) 


Dichagyris (s.str.) erubescens (Staudinger,1892) 


Eutelia adulatrix (Hubner,[18131) {Noctuidae) [2] 

Heliothis viriplaca (Hufnagel,1766) {Noctuidae) [1] # 

Metalopha (Antholopha) gloriosa (Staudinger,1892) 


Minucia bimaculata Osthelder,1933 {Noctuidae) 

Mythimna (Aletia) vitellina (Hubner,[1808]) 

{Noctuidae) [2] 

Noctua (s.str.) pronuba (Linnaeus,1758) {Noctuidae) [2] 

Ophiusa lunaris (Goeze,1781) {Noctuidae) [2] 

Periphanes victorina (Sodoffsky,1849) {Noctuidae) [1] 


Recophora beata (Staudinger,1892) {Noctuidae) [1] # 

Zethes brandti Janzon,1977 {Noctuidae) 

Zethes narghisa Brandt,1938 {Noctuidae) 

Peridea korbi (Rebel,1918) {Notodontidae) 

Spatalia argentina ([Denis & Schifferm tiller], 1775) 


Pyrasia gutturalis (Staudinger,1879) {Pyralidae) [1] 

Sultania lophotalis (Hampson,1900) {Pyralidae) 

Saturnia (s.str.) pyri ([Denis & Schifferm tiller], 1775) 

{Saturniidae) [2] # 

Clarina kotschyi (Kollar,[1849]) {Sphingidae) 

Dolbina elegans (A.Bang-Haas,1912) {Sphingidae) 

Hyles conspicua (Rothschild & Jordan,1903) 

{Sphingidae) [2] # 

Hyles livornica (Esper,[1780]) {Sphingidae) [2] 

Macroglossum stellatarum (Linnaeus,1758) 

{Sphingidae). Exceptionally this species is heliophil. 

Marumba quercus ([Denis & Schifferm tiller], 1775) 


Sphingonaepiopsis gorgoniades (Htibner,[1819]) 


Hitherto recorded lo nocturnal families together with their species numbers are as follows: 
Arctiidae (i), Drepanidae (2), Gelechiidae (1), Geometridae (9), Lymantriidae (2), Noctuidae (20), 
Notodontidae (2), Pyralidae (2), Saturniidae{i), Sphingidae (7). 

Nr. 13 CesaNews 11 May 2008 

Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara 

New Publications of the Cesa 

Ko9ak,A.O. & M.Kemal, 2008, Replacement names among the genus and family group taxa in 
Orthoptera,- Cent, ent. Stud,, Misc, Pap, 141: 1-5. 

Abstract: In this nomenclatural paper, 19 names at generic level in the order Orthoptera are evaluated. 
Totally 17 replacement names are proposed due to the homonymy. Two homonym names are found, one of 
them is replaced by a previously proposed name, another remains invalidly. All the nomenclatural cases may 
be summarized as follows: Bambesana (nom. nov.) (Acrididae) from Congo Republic; Granada (nom. 
nov.) (Acrididae) from Spain; Peruana (nom. nov.) (Acrididae) from Peru; Sulawesiana (nom. nov.) 
(Acrididae) from Celebes; Unalia (nom. nov.) (Acrididae) from Angola and Tanzania; Costarica (nom. 
nov.) (Romaleidae) from Costa Rica; Dhofaria (nom. nov.) (Pamphagidae) from Oman; Jarawasia 
(nom. nov.) (Gryllidae) from Andaman and Nicobar Islands; Saopauloa (nom. nov.) (Gryllidae) from 
Brazil; Peru (nom. nov.) (Gryllidae) from Peru; Cocconotus (Hondurasia) (nom. nov.) (Tettigoniidae) 
from Honduras; Jamaica (nom. nov.) (Tettigoniidae) from Jamaica; Carnavalia (nom. nov.) 
(Tettigoniidae) from Brazil; Tropicophyllum (nom. nov.) (Tettigoniidae) from Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, 
Brazil; Barraza (nom. nov.) (Tettigoniidae) from Chile; Santandera (nom. nov.) (Tettigoniidae) from 
Colombia; Kashgarlimahmutia (nom. nov.) (Proparagryllacrididae"^) from Central Asia; a replacement 
name at subfamily level Kashgarlimahmutiinae (nom. nov.) in the family (Proparagryllacrididae'^); a 
revived generic name from the synonyms Burmacris Uvarov,i942 (gen rev.) (Acrididae) from Myanmar; 
Toxopeusia Willemse,i955 is found as junior homonym name (hom. nov.) and remains invalid under the 
genus name Kapaoria Bolivar, 1898 (Pyrgomorphidae) from Papua New Guinea. The following new 
combinations are also proposed: Bambesana bredoi (Dirsh, 1961) (comb, n.), Granada imitans (Brunner 
von Wattenwyl, 1882) (comb, n.), Peruana luteocincta (Carbonell & Descamps, 1978) (comb.n.), 
Peruana luteosignata (Carbonell & Descamps, 1978) (comb.n.), Peruana palpata (Stal, 1878) (comb, n.), 
Sulawesiana cornutus (Ramme, 1941) (comb, n.), Burmacris charlottae (Ramme,i94i) (comb, n.), 
Unalia brevipes (Uvarov, 1953) (comb, n.), Unalia fitzgeraldi (Uvarov, 1953) (comb, n.), Costarica 
costaricensis (Carbonell, 2002) (comb, n.), Dhofaria splendens (Popov,i98o) (comb, n.), Jarawasia 
andamanensis (Bhowmik, 1969) (comb, n.), Jarawasia andamanensis ssp. nicobarensis (Bhowmik, 1970) 
(comb, n.), Saopauloa difficilis (Piza Jr., 1974) (comb, n.), Peru dichra (Desutter-Grandcolas,i993) 
(comb, n.), Jamaica discoidalis (Walker, 1870) (comb.n.), Carnavalia linki (Piza Jr., 1971) (comb.n.), 
Tropicophyllum clausum (Grant Jr., 1958) (comb.n.), Tropicophyllum colosseum (Brunner von 
Wattenwyl, 1878) (comb.n.), Tropicophyllum maculosum (Bowen-Jones,200o) (comb.n.), 
Tropicophyllum sentum (Grant Jr., 1958) (comb.n.), Barraza crybeloplatus (Rentz & Gurney,i985) 
(comb.n.), Santandera robusta (Hebard,i927) (comb, n.), Kashgarlimahmutia reducta t (Sharov,i968) 

Key Words: Nomenclature, new names, new combinations, Orthoptera, Congo, Angola, Tanzania, Oman, 
Spain, Central Asia, Andaman, Nicobar Isl., Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Celebes, Costa Rica, Honduras, 
Jamaica, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile. 

Ko9ak,A.O. & M.Kemal, 2008, Tv\^o replacement names in the genus group taxa of Dictyoptera 

from Colombia and Arabian Peninsula- Cent, ent. Stud,, Misc, Pap, 141: 6. 

Abstract: In this paper, two names at generic level in the order Dictyoptera are evaluated from 

nomenclatural standpoints. Two replacement names, Colombiella (nom. nov.) (Mantidae) and 

Arabistania (nom. nov. ) (Hymenopodidae) are proposed due to the homonymy. New combinations are 

as follows: Colombiella planicephala (Rehn,i9i6) (comb, n.), Arabistania philbyi (Uvarov,i936) (comb. 

n.) from Yemen, Saudi Arabia. 

Key Words: Nomenclature, new name, Colombiella, Arabistania, Mantidae, Hymenopodidae, 

Dictyoptera, Colombia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia. 

Ko9ak,A.O. & M.Kemal, 2008, A replacement name in the genus group taxa of the family 

Ascalaphidae in Africa (Neuroptera)- Cent, ent. Stud,, Misc, Pap, 141: 7. 

Abstract: In this paper, a genus name in the family Ascalaphidae (Neuroptera) is evaluated from 

nomenclatural standpoints. Angolania (nom. nov.) (Ascalaphidae) is proposed due to the homonymy. 

New combination is as follows: Angolania mira (Tjeder & Hansson,i992) (comb.n.) from Angola. 

Key Words: Nomenclature, new name, Angolania, Ascalaphidae, Neuroptera, Angola. 

Nr. 13 CesaNews 11 May 2008 

Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara 

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